Interview with Mary Wanless, Patron of HorseHeard

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When you were invited to be a Patron of the HorseHeard Charity what made you say yes?

I trained as a psychotherapist many years ago, and have an ongoing interest in what makes people ‘tick’, on learning, and on how we get stuck and can potentially ‘unstick’ ourselves. Horses play a huge role in my mental health, and have done since I was a teenager!

What aspect of HorseHeard’s work interests you the most?

Helping young people see new possibilities within themselves, and new ways forward.

What is the name of your favourite horse?

My two favourite horses are called Disco and Quite (pronounced Keet – it’s a Portuguese name)

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself.

As child I begged for riding lessons for 10 years, from 4 to 14!   Horses saved my life in my later teens after my mother’s death, and then my father’s death two years later.  In my mid-twenties, competing in Horse Trials gave me some of the biggest and most memorable experiences of my life.

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