Testimonials and case studies

From our partners

  • This was a superb  programme for our young leaders, we saw a real change in their confidence, communication skills and empathy for others (Deputy Head, Primary School, NE London)
  • We had a wonderful day with HorseHeard exploring the themes of emotional resilience and confidence. It was exciting to see the girls learning in a completely different environment….. (click here to read full feedback from the Deputy Head at Godolphin & Latymer school)
  • Now, when I experience any sense of self-doubt, I recall how the resilience and determination I felt when working with Gracie made me feel; I instantly become emotionally stronger and my self-belief and determination to succeed, rise…… (click here to read more about our work with young people in Cornwall)
  • The programme that they deliver for us on Energise is horse whispering and we’ve seen some amazing results with the young people …. extraordinary to see the results that can be achieved in a relatively short time which makes it a very cost effective and engaging activity for young people (CEO, Adviza)
  • And some times we work with the teams whose job it is to help others, click here.
  • From the young people

    • People’s perceptions of you are a reflection of what you are projecting.
    • I learnt to control myself and be in touch with the horse
    • They helped me to achieve good things with the horses, rather than just telling them what to do
    • I felt myself improve mentally and emotionally; I feel stronger about myself
    • The people really wanted to help me
    • I can Lead; I can be a Leader
    • This work with horses was the first time we worked as a team
    • Helped me get more confidence. I felt really good about myself
  • From the veterans

    • So much calmer
    • Managing myself so much better since being with the horses
    • It has improved my communication, as by watching the horses and how they talked to each other has helped me watch how we all talk to each other
    • Learnt how horses have emotions like people do


Specific case studies from our recent work

  • A student’s perspective

    HorseHeard recently ran a workshop with a group of girls from Godolphin & Latymer  School – hosted for HorseHeard by Graham Dawson and Kate Mably. The session was very well received by the pupils and attending staff, and we are hopeful that this will be the beginning of positive relationship for all. We would to share […]

  • Helping others to help young people ….

        Sometimes we have the pleasure of working with other people who also work with young people – helping them to help young people, if you like! We recently did some work with a team from Brookside Education in Ilford, here are a couple of their reflections of on the experience: – “What I took […]

  • Acclaim for our first Cornish engagement

      HorseHeard has just finished it’s first complete programme in Cornwall, working with young people from Brannel School at Rasparveth Riding School. It has been a wonderfully successful programme for all parties – with great feedback throughout – and we are looking forward to the opportunity of continuing this relationship. We are also very pleased […]

  • Now that’s what I call beneficial!

    Since early 2013 HorseHeard have been working with Adviza and Wikima in the Thames Valley as part of the innovative Energise programme, working with young people deemed at risk of becoming NEET. Initial findings have now been published in the trade press (Children and Young People Now magazine). The early findings are extremely positive – […]

  • Allie Crewe’s presentation at House of Lords (LEAP)

    My name is Allie Crewe, I am passionate about horses! Some of you may ride, or own a horse. None of the students who took part in this project had ever touched a horse. I have 3 key messages. 1. Half my students live in poverty.   Xaverian is officially an outstanding college in inner […]

  • An honest reaction from an independent

    Follow the link below to read an honest and candid reaction from someone with no real previous experience who joined us at Checkendon Equestrian Centre in April. It summarizes her experiences of sharing the day with the young people and horses, and beautiful explains how and why this is such a powerful medium. http://essyswishes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/is-there-shakespeare-moment-in-your.html  

  • Horses For Courses: Young people developing for young people

    Students from Xaverian College in Manchester, supported by HorseHeard, have been developing a course for fellow students to develop Leadership and employability skills, this is their own review of that experience.   HorseHeard is a not for profit company who offer courses in “leadership, team building, problem solving and confidence building” skills. The unique element […]

  • TEAM work with SALUTE veterans, Princes Trust young people and the JUNO ponies

    Extracts from the local newspaper article, describes the following HorseHeard project ‘TEAM work with SALUTE veterans, Princes Trust young people and the JUNO ponies’ Former soldiers struggling with emotional problems have become among the first in the country to be supported by a herd of horses. Veterans  took part in the pioneering project at a […]