Graeme Green

GGGraeme was a co-founding director of HorseHeard, though now works only an associate basis.

Graeme’s background is in the City of London Reinsurance market, where he has over 25 years’ experience in technical management and team leadership in the Operations and Information Governance arena where he continues to provide on-going consulting services.

Throughout this career he has maintained a respect for the relative strengths of the individual, working closely to support and nurture talent; encouraging growth in skills and performance.

He practices and coaches mindfulness, as well as being an accredited Cognitive Behavioural coach, EI specialist and NLP Practitioner. He has a strong commitment to the welfare of the horse and complements this EFL work by delivering Reiki Healing for horses in his spare time.

He is now focussed on providing an infrastructure to spread the opportunity of delivering the benefit of HorseHeard programmes and workshops as widely as possible.

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